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Recommended for new designs to replace round, truss and binding heads. Provides a low large diameter head, but with characteristically high outer edge along the-outer periphery of the head where driving action is most effective for high tightening 'torques. Slightly different head contour where supplied with recessed head.

Supplied to standard dimensions with an 80' to 82' angle to be used where finished surfaces require a flush fastening unit. The countersunk portion offers good centering possibilities.

Not recommended for new design (see pan head). This head was the most universally used design in the past.

Fully specified as "oval countersunk", this head is identical to the standard flat head. but possesses. in addition, a rounded, neat appearing upper surface for attractiveness of design.

The-standard oval fillister head has a smaller diameter than the round head. but is higher with a correspondingly deeper slot. The smaller diameter head increases the pressure applied on the smaller area and can be assembled close to flanges and raised surfaces. Headed in counter bored dies to Insure concentricity, they may be used successfully in counter bored holes.

(Straight Side): Most generally used in electrical and radio work because of its identifying undercut beneath the head, which binds and eliminates fraying of stranded wire. Offers an attractively designed, medium-low head with ordinarily sufficient bearing surface. 'Not ordinarily recommended as a Phillips Recessed head-see Pan Head for better functional design.

Also known as oven head, stove head, and oval binding head. A low, neat appearing, large diameter head having excellent design qualities, and as illustrated can be used to cover larger diameter clearance holes in sheet metal when additional play In assembly tolerance is required. Suggest pan head as a substitute.

(PATENTED): Provides the perfect tamper-proof assembly. Theft-proof -decorative, yet inexpensive. Special drivers available for field removal or power driven assembly machines.

This ingenious, tamper-proof type of head, once assembled cannot be removed. yet is driven with a standard screw driver. Manufactured with amazing economy in productive quantities, this, simple design can frequently solve costly assembly problem.

Designed as a neat appearance product for the electronic and appliance trade with all threaded styles.

This design has the finished appearance of a conventional round head plus washer and was originality created to provide extra large bearing surface under the head. The modern "truss" head (carried in stock) normally answers this purpose. When a. larger diameter is required this washer head is recommended.

(UNDERCUT): This Is the standard flat or oval head SO' to 82' countersunk screw which has the lower one-third of the countersunk portion removed to facilitate production of extremely short lengths. As Illustrated, it will fit a standard counterbored hole and Is particularly adaptable to flush assemblies in thin stock.

(100' COUNTERSUNK): This special flat head screw has been developed for applications requiring flush surfaces, and is recommended for use In soft materials. to distribute pressure over a larger and less angular surface. Very well adapted for use with thin aluminum, soft plastics, etc.

An adaptation of the standard carriage bolt design. Possesses a truss head on a square shank which resists rotation when located or, driven into place. This square shoulder may also be staked Into place as a permanent fastener. A great many varieties in all screw diameters are available in productive quantities.

Styles take full advantage of the self-centering feature of the countersunk portion and provide a smooth, flush outer surface.

(Overlug) For applications requiring smooth, finished outer surfaces. Under surface of head is designed for perfect electrode contact.

An inexpensive wrench head fastener made to standard hexagon head dimensions. The hex Is completely cold upset in a counterbored die and possesses an Identifying depression In the top surface of the head.

Produced in the same manner as the standard Indented hexagon head but with a washer section at the base of the head to protect the finish of the assembly from wrench disfigurement.

(FULL UNDERCUT): A very neat appearing trim screw for appliance application-excellent wrench surfaces.

(TRIMMED): This is the standard type of wrench-applied hexagon head, characterized by clean, sharp corners trimmed to close tolerances. Recommended for general applications. It Is available In all standard patterns and In all thread diameters.

(WELDING SCREWS): The welding screw has been developed to provide a strong permanent threaded fastener which becomes an Integral part of the assembly. It utilizes the principle of projection welding by means of multiple lugs applied to various head surfaces.
Type "U" (Underlug) for general application. Assembles easily into pre-located holes and fully utilizes head strength. Top surfaces of head designed for efficient welding anode contact.

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